BuzzFeed Crowns Reddit as Referral KIng, Disses Pinterest | Adweek

here's the money shot from the 8/29 adweek article: the pinterest express seems to have been shunted to a local. wondering why buzzfeed, which claims "more than 200 publishers like The Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Daily Beast," is at such odds with shareaholic's "more than 200,000 publishers that reach more than 260 million unique monthly visitors each month" - oh wait, maybe that's why.

For many publishers, Pinterest falls flat

At Pinterest's peak in April 2012, the photo-centric social site was churning out nearly 400,000 social referrals. In July, Pinterest served up only 114,000 referrals (virtually unchanged from 110,000 in June), illustrating that for many publishers, Pinterest may be more of a social gimmick than anything else. Others have explored this phenomenon recently, noting that Pinterest isn't naturally aligned with the newsgathering operations of many publishers, though lifestyle sites like are having excellent success with the site. Things aren't all gloomy for Pinterest though. The site has seen a 200 percent increase in referral traffic throughout its first full year of public operation.

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