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got this marketingprofs tip in my inbox today. seems like a lot of the gurus are drinking from the hubspot well this week. the lede on this post was "if you're not using linkedin to get leads, you're an idiot." (my paraphrase) what I found interesting was that they repurposed hubspot's recommendations without explaining what linkedup announcements I went and looked it up.


so - in order to use the announcement feature, you have to be a linkedin group manager. and the announcement goes out only to group members - if they haven't turned off announcement because you spam them every week. so it's like having only a few bullets. use them wisely, and keep count for pete sakes. you don't want to end up with clint eastwood asking if you feel lucky, do ya, punk?:) 

having solved that mystery, on to the tips!

With LinkedIn Announcements, you can send email messages straight to the inboxes of likely prospects. Sound good? Here's the right way to do it:

·      Ditch the default subject line. If you don't take the time to write an original subject line, why should anyone take the time to read your message? Treat this like any other email campaign—intrigue your recipient with a subject line that compels further investigation.

·      Make your copy irresistible. Grab your reader's attention with a relevant case for action. "This is a great place for stats—not only can they present a compelling case in a short amount of space," she notes, "but they can also help readers visualize a particular topic or subject matter, which will help pique their interest."

·      Include a call to action. Don't expect anyone to read your mind. Make your call to action, and the pathway to conversion, perfectly clear.

·      Don't be a jerk. Would you want an endless stream of irrelevant LinkedIn Announcements? Probably not. So treat this access to a prospect's inbox with respect.

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