Google Makes Remarketing Easier For Advertisers | TechCrunch

ever get the feeling an ad is stalking you? it's called remarketing, and you'll be seeing a lot more of it


Google just announced that it is bringing its Google Analytics and Google Display Network closer together to give advertisers an easier to use option to remarket to very specific audiences who have previously visited their websites. This new service, says Google, simplifies the remarketing process and gives its advertisers more flexibility and “new ways to connect with [their] target audience.”

Until now, website owners had to use at least two different tags on their sites to enable remarketing and weren’t able to use the same detailed stats that Google Analytics offers to segment their audiences. Now, with its new Remarketing for Google Analytics feature, Google is making this service significantly easier for advertisers, which will likely mean that you will also soon see significantly more retargeted ads as you browse the web.

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