LinkedIn Introducing a Simpler Homepage | LinkedIn Blog

from the announcement on LinkedIn's blog:

Millions of you are coming to LinkedIn everyday to discover and discuss what matters most to your professional life. And today, we’ve started to roll out a simpler and easier way to navigate Homepage experience that offers quick access to the relevant information and updates that help you be great at your job.

So what’s new?

so what is new? I am seeing some design tweaks but it is not a reinvention. Think of it as the Marissa touch. She demonstrated with GMail that simpler is better... click through to read the full announcement.
It seems like part of the new look is to promote the existing LinkedIn today feature. Ron Medlin at Search Dog Marketing offers tips on how to leverage the bigger spotlight:

It looks like LinkedIn is putting a lot of effort to promote LinkedIn Today, and I believe this could be a great way to generate buzz around your business and establish your company as the go to resource in your industry.  The question is how does one get featured on Linked in Today. 

According to Linkedin they look at these three factors.

  1. The links that members share, like, and comment on the most
  2. Based on the industry assigned to profiles
  3. A higher preference is assigned to recent articles if they’re being shared quickly by a broad base of members

Here are some suggestions to help your articles get picked up in LinkedIn Today.

  1. Include a LinkedIn share button on your site
  2. Contact the LinkedIn business development team at
  3. Share your articles with your connections