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great tip on a new linkedin service to help tap your board's network on beth kanter's blog. and it's free!

Using Board Connect on LinkedIn allows you see past first connections on LinkedIn, check out a potential candidate’s knowledge and their connections. It streamlines the process. But, if all board members add their networks, this produces a richer set of potential candidates. And, remember,  you are not just adding a board member, you are also adding their network.

As part of the board connect program, nonprofits get free access to a Talent Finder account (valued at $1000/annually), an exclusive LinkedIn education webcast (with tools and tips to use the account), and membership to the Board Connect Group on LinkedIn.

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An Interview With Facebook’s Libby Leffler: Facebook and Nonprofits | Beth’s Blog

Choosy nonprofits choose Beth.


Beth Kanter, that is, for spot-on strategy and implementation advice. Here's a snippet from a chat Beth had recently with a member of Facebook's strategic partnerships team. Libby had this to say about the social media giant's goals in working with causes and nonprofits:

Facebook is all about sharing and connecting.  On Facebook, people connect with friends, family, their communities and the issues and causes they care about most.  Causes can be some of most personal things that individuals connect with and represent as part of their identity on Facebook.

Our goal is simple: we want to provide causes and nonprofits with the tools that they need to best utilize our platform.  We work to empower the millions of people and organizations that use Facebook to create high-impact solutions to problems big and small, all over the world.

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good stuff - and Beth indicates that FB is not just talking the talk. Don't forget to read the comments on Beth's posts - some of the best people working in the nonprofit space today chime in on a regular basis.

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