A List Apart: Articles: The Case for Content Strategy—Motown Style

Over the past year, the content strategy chatter has been building. Jeffrey MacIntyre gave us its raison d’être. Kristina Halvorson wrote the call to arms. Panels at SXSW, presentations at An Event Apart, and regional meetups continue to build the drum roll. But how do you start humming the content strategy tune to your own team and to your prospective clients? Listen up and heed Aretha Franklin. No, really.

[a. fine blog] digital divide and social change

There is a very interesting tension in the field of social change that becomes apparent when you see the difference between the fact that young people of color are naturally closing the digital divide and the fact that nonprofit organizations that serve them aren’t.

So, is the digital divide growing or shrinking as it relates to social change efforts?


[analysis] teens don’t tweet? not true!

It’s true, the growth of Twitter is impressive and the size of the youth market using Twitter is very small. However, I think the claim is misleading, and I’m not jumping on the ”OMG, teens don’t tweet!” bandwagon.  Here’s why:

I used to dig into numbers like this for a living. Pamela does a far better job than I ever did and has some smart answers for 'the sky is falling' crowd

[globe] divorce lawyer turns to unusual forum: blogs

My husband has a saying, ‘When the wolf comes in the door, love flies out the window.’ As my career has evolved, the people I deal with have more wealth. If you are in a position where you have real estate or stock or options or a family business, and you want to buy out the other side, now is a good time - if the business is worth less in this economy, and you anticipate it’s going to be worth more.

I gotta think she didn't intend to be quoted this way. "divorce now, while assets are undervalued!"