May I Approach? Lawyers Getting Their Facebook On | AllFacebook

no, you won't be seeing pinstripe firms running contests anytime soon, but other legal eagles are starting to dip a toe in the water and go where the fish are (okay, no more shark jokes). legal marketing is not as freewheeling as pizza or tampon advertising, but other regulated industries like finanial services are working within the rules to build community and business. smart firms like sokolove are hiring even smarter marketing folks who know digital inside and out.

michael evans offers a lot of the same ol same ol for attorneys looking to get on the facebook bus: it's more than like counts, conversation not broadcast, etc. one intersting point is his results from advertising, esp given facebook's relatively lower costs: 

Evans also noted that like businesses, attorneys should offer something of value to their Facebook fans — something to keep them coming back. He offered the example of some kind of contest or aligning with a cause that people believe in. Evans also wrote about the power of Facebook ads. He detailed that he tried both Facebook ads and Google AdWords, and got better value from the former. Attorneys should be smart about ads that will connect with their targeted demographic and entice people to join the cause.
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