Hey, Doubters: Pinterest Really Does Boost Business | MarketingProfs (or does it)

another adoring paean to pinterest, this time with a video. ok, pinterest is the fastest growing service ever. ok, it drives more traffic than anything except facebook and stumbleupon (who? yes, it's still number 2). from the marketingprofs piece:

So, does all the data show that Pinterest, that red-hot online pin board, is worth your time, energy, and effort? Can folks who don’t give a pin about about making their own panna cotta or holiday buntings still use Pinterest for their business?

Yes. And, most definitely, yes!


that's great, but..I am still waiting to hear a better breakdown of who's receiving all these referrals to verify the value for business outside the fashion, decor and similarly visual sectors. I saw an article on oreck's pinboards, and some appear to be attracting followers and some engagement.

but I am looking for a case study on a non-intuitive brand that is generating conversions from pinterest activity and showing superior ROI to other social activity. I'm no purist - conversion doesn't have to be pinterest-referred sales. rather, it could be something like driving to interact on FB (not just another Like) or sign up for coupons or news. 

via mpdailyfix.com click through to see the video and read the article

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