New Social Media Measurer Ohtootay Reveals All (or most) | TechCrunch

money shot: new social media analytics outfit ohtootay lets marketers track posts all the way through to website conversion - even when the post doesn't point directly to the e-commerce site! too cool, right?

the innovation lets online business break free of last click bias that wants to credit the site that led a visitor directly to the conversion page without considering pages or channels that may have influenced the conversion. side note: this is what led don draper to drink.

I liked this tidbit, too:

One of the platform’s standout features is its competitor comparison tool. That is, it can track what your company’s performance looks like versus competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even the iPhone App Store, Android app store (Google Play) and Facebook’s App Center. “In some senses, Ohtootay is for social media and mobile apps,” Mark explains. “And we believe that angels, VCs and social media managers that are armed with this kind of data will be way more effective decision makers than their peers who only navel-gaze at their own data in isolation,” he says.
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