How Not to Pitch Your Business in Social Media |

ouch. an aggrieved journalist takes idiots to task for abusing the foot in the door that social media can seem to offer to would be publicists and entrepreneurs. junk mail and boorish self-promotion are nothing new, but the digital age makes them all the more intrusive.
If it takes three contacts to establish a rapport in person, it probably takes at least seven contacts online — and some strategists suggest that it really takes as many as 21 before the typical online relationship turns transactional. Whatever the number, there are some protocols that need to be understood, especially if you are pitching yourself to media contacts.
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personally, the new math she uses to estimate how many times a suitor must earn her attention before asking to stay over feels a little too rounded to me, but she has a point. one piece of advice for the writer: email filters will remove the most egregious of the offenders....

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