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it's worth the extra time!

For users, copying and pasting to share content holds obvious appeal: It’s almost frictionless, and it allows the sharer to choose exactly what to pass on to a friend or social network.

“You probably have a lot of friends sharing the same article,” Tynt general manager Greg Levitt said. “But when you can specifically call out a personalized, relevant aspect, it makes the story your own.”

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Mobile Video More Effective Than TV - Nielsen | eMarketer


Evidence for the effectiveness of mobile advertising keeps rolling in—and goes beyond clickthroughs and any question of “fat fingers” vs. real engagement.

Research from video ad network AdColony and Nielsen found that mobile video ads for CPG brands were more effective across a variety of brand health metrics than ads on TV or videos online among US males. Recall, favorability and purchase interest were all significantly higher on mobile, according to the May research.

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"secret" SEO tuning tips for geeks| search engine land

getting found. it's a searchable world, so businesses and organizations like to believe that when people are looking for something they provide, their name will pop up. here's a somewhat snide little post that dismisses "the obvious SEO signals" for some less wellknown but pretty easily accomplished tweaks to kick your findability up a notch.

#6 is highlighted here - go to the article for the rest

Images. This is more an addition to Facebook and Google +, but has massive impacts for image search. I personally was having an issue getting certain images to show up on Facebook from my blog, and couldn’t diagnose the issue. Rather than pulling in the images I uploaded for the post, it was pulling in the Social Sharing icons I had set. Bad user experience for anyone else sharing. I found a great plugin to fix the Facebook like thumbnail which brings the images you want to the top, and adds a tag to identify those as the preferred images for the post and for Open Graph.

Do yourself a favor and ensure that the images on your site are descriptive, and they are being picked up by social networks and Google image search.

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TV, Newspapers Still Best for Advertising |

Online Ads “Annoying” And “Distracting”

Although only 3 in 10 consumers (and just 16% of marketers) believe that online advertising is not effective, consumers don’t appear to have warmed to online ads. When asked to select from a list of adjectives to describe them, “annoying” led the list at 68%, followed by distracting (51%), all over the place (46%), invasive (38%) and creepy (16%). Just 14% described them as eye-catching, 10% as clever and 7% as persuasive. 6% feel online ads are evil.

Community Driven List Posts: A Tool for Bloggers | Social Media Examiner

I had seen a few posts about the service, but this post from social media examiner offers a really cool use for it that invites community participation. list posts are the evergreens of the blog world - what are some other ways you could see a crowdsourced list like this being a good thing?

Create a Community-Driven List Post is a collaborative list-building tool. You create the initial list on the website and you can embed it as part of your blog post. Embedding means that it appears as if it’s in your blog post, but it still resides on

What’s cool is that your community can then add and/or vote for items on the list. This can be a useful tool to engage with your community and discover more about their interests.

naked marketing example
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LinkedIn Refreshes Profile Pages | Adweek

a post about LinkedIn's new Endorsements feature I wrote on my blog has been getting a lot of comments in a LinkedIn group, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for changes. LinkedIn recently made huse enhancements to functionality and formatting for brand pages, and now that comes to personal profiles, too. Check out the full article in Adweek for deets.

LinkedIn is revamping its core profile pages.

Starting Tuesday (Oct. 16) the company's 175 million users will see a host of new tools and user options on their Linkedin profile pages, part of an overhaul CEO Jeff Weiner described as “one of the biggest changes to a LinkedIn pillar product in the company’s history,” during an event at its Moutain View, Calif., headquarters.

The changes to Linkedin's profiles include several new photo, biography and editing options. But overall, the biggest difference in profile pages are a series of new features Linkedin hopes will encourage users to share a whole lot more content via the networking site.

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can myspace make it back in the charts?

for as long as music has been performed, performers have seized fame and had it snatched away again. sometimes this is due to a fickle public. sometimes it happens because an arist hits the skids creatively or physically. but sometimes, if they (and we) are lucky, they find fresh energy and step again to the front of the stage. elvis in 68. aerosmith in the 90's.

like the musical artists it helped fans to celebrate, myspace seized fame as an early icon of social media. users found and shared with like-minded peers. new and established bands found a new channel for releasing music and communicating with their fan base. then, it faded away. sure, the audience was fickle. sure the site made missteps and lost its focus. and now, with fresh investors and poster comeback wannabe justin timberlake leading the way, myspace is launching its bid to get back in the spotlight. 

if you haven't seen the teaser video for the relaunch, here it is:

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

I'm a music fan. but I'm an older one, so I missed the myspace bus the last time round, other than occasionally finding a cool richard buckner track there or something. this writeup was triggered by a post in one of my facebook groups that was itself a reposting on an article on the culture-ist: "will myspace bring sexy back to the social media stage?" despite the lameass title - social media has been and remains all about the sexy - the article does a good job highlighting the goods and the bads of the as yet un-relaunched relaunch. here is an excerpt describing two cool features of the new myspace:  

Like Facebook, there’s a “friend” button attached to an artist, but unlike Facebook, Myspace isn’t built on exclusivity. When you “friend” an artist there’s no awkward wait time when you angst about whether or not your invitation’s going to be accepted or not. Connections are automatically established at the click of a button. There’s less of a fluctuating social hierarchy. Once you’ve connected to your favorite artist, you’re able to keep track of their updates in case they put out new songs or are about to embark on a world tour, but the really cool part is you’ll also get to keep track of what your favorite artist is listening to. So, the next time you’re listening to a track and your friend asks you, “Who is this new folksy band?” You can nonchalantly say something along the lines of, “Oh this? This is ________. Rihanna introduced me to them.”

One feature that has been getting a lot of press attention (and it’s easy to see why) is the opportunity and possibility for fans to see their profile publicized on their favorite artist’s page as a #1 fan, which not only gives them bragging rights, but also a chance to be recognized by one of their favorite artists; it’s very similar to getting  retweeted by your favorite celebrity. These personalized touches and virtual interactions might make Myspace a prominent platform  among the social media landscape.

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I was the first to comment on the posted article on linkedin:

 the 'new' myspace looks like a combination of pinterest and facebook. they have one big advantage - a database of users from back in the day. that is diminished somewhat by the age of their prinary demo - young ppl tend to cycle email addresses as they progress. can they recapture the music crowd? I think maybe if they partner with some big players and every soundcloud out there and function as a distribution hub for other social channels so casual users don't need to GO to myspace to benefit.

I'm one of those users, so I did get the announcement and that prompted me to look at the press coverage, and I will certainly try out the service when it goes live. so friend me or something. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Exposure | Social Media Examiner

you don't get the green if you don't get seen. good tips from the examiner on ways to increase the number of fans that actually get to see your page posts!
here's a good one on posting links:
Tip: When you share links on Facebook, make sure that if you put a link into a Facebook post first and it automatically shows a preview of the link, close that preview and add a photo before posting.
alternatively, attach the picture you want first, then write the copy, including the link. either way, it will come out looking like this instead of this
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Image Search Branding Opportunities | Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

in our visual world, tweaking the images on your site for seo takes a little extra time but can result in a good branding payoff

Google Image Search

Most search queries in Google image search aren’t very competitive. Well ranked images are seldom the result of great SEO and often sheer luck. The basics of image search are however easy.

Using your keyword in the URL/image name, including it in the alt-/title attribute and placing it within keyword rich textual content is often enough for high ranking. Defining ornamental images as CSS backgrounds makes all the remaining img-tags stand out more. Images on well optimized pages with a lot of link value have the highest chance of scoring.

Only the first 4 to 7 images will appear in regular search results and only when your queries show images, so make sure you outrank everything else.

Branding the Image

Generic images for generic keywords don’t show that one of the images belongs to you. Adding some big logo to the image would really make it stand out more and the branding value of your logo high within the search results can be enormous.

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wsj says instagram leads twitter in race for ad moolah. I say they're wrong.

the wsj contends that comscore's numbers put instagram ahead of twitter in the race for advertisers' dollars:

Here’s why the “daily user” metric matters: It’s a measurement of how many users (roughly) check the app every single day. That’s important for selling advertisements, because the more engaged a user is, the more likely they are to click on an ad.

Basically, better engagement typically leads to better monetization.

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congrats to instagram on their impressive adoption growth. however, I question the implication that this means instagram is further along the road to monetization. the article actually throws up a red flag in stating the TOTAL number of twitter users is much higher due to desktop users and acknowledging that instagram is only on mobile. but the point is just left hanging. left in the editing room was the conclusion that if only 60% of twitter use is on mobile, the total count should be nearly 70% higher!

the other question relates to the nature of engagement on the two services. the findings show that instagram beat twitter out in the average amount of time spent using the app. first, I would eliminate the minority obsessive users of each by looking at median time. then, I would want to see the median time spent on each app per visit. - I use instagram mostly to check in and rarely browse others' pics. I would suggest that twitter has a much better shot at driving actual conversion for advertisers since the ads will be integrated in the use process (reading streams, participation in conversations) rather than an interruption of the use process.