New Social Media Measurer Ohtootay Reveals All (or most) | TechCrunch

money shot: new social media analytics outfit ohtootay lets marketers track posts all the way through to website conversion - even when the post doesn't point directly to the e-commerce site! too cool, right?

the innovation lets online business break free of last click bias that wants to credit the site that led a visitor directly to the conversion page without considering pages or channels that may have influenced the conversion. side note: this is what led don draper to drink.

I liked this tidbit, too:

One of the platform’s standout features is its competitor comparison tool. That is, it can track what your company’s performance looks like versus competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even the iPhone App Store, Android app store (Google Play) and Facebook’s App Center. “In some senses, Ohtootay is for social media and mobile apps,” Mark explains. “And we believe that angels, VCs and social media managers that are armed with this kind of data will be way more effective decision makers than their peers who only navel-gaze at their own data in isolation,” he says.
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Show ads with your Google+ Page endorsements | Google AdWords Help

Last week I posted on why Google "Plus Ones" help links pop more in search results than Facebook likes. Here's some great tips straight from Google on how to makes the same Plus magic happen in your ads


George creates a Google+ Page for his company, Happy Burgers. He also creates an AdWords campaign, some ads, and then a social extension by linking his Google+ Page to his campaign. When 32 people +1 one of his ads, Happy Burgers' page will receive 32 new +1's.  Alternatively, if George connects his AdWords campaign to his Google+ Page after it already had 32 +1's, all of his ads can now have these +1's as social annotations.

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New Tool For Brands' Instagram Campaigns | Business Insider

I've been skeptical about the value of instagram for non-visually oriented brands. the new app from venueseen described in business insider doesn't change my mind - visual brands will do a lot better with integrating instagram submissions on their site than, for example, a maker of commercial ovens.
The tool aggregates photos that have been labeled with a specific hashtag and brings them to a company's campaign page. Instagrammers can then claim their photograph and collect prizes, coupons, and other incentives the company have put in place. This allows for easy company/consumer interaction and gives brands customer contact information.
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facebook’s social search is coming - watch out google | gigaom

I keep being surprised at how little attention the shift toward social search is receiving. if you want a recommendation on getting a rebuilt transmission, where do you go? you might not know that a work associate or cousin had a great (or terrible) experience with xyz transmission. google doesn't know. but facebook does. and you are more likely to pay attention to someone you know than anonymous recommendations:
Like Facebook, Google knows that search is moving from keywords and links to providing answers for users to questions such as “Where should I eat?” and “Who can repair my car the best?” That’s why the company has been spending so much time and effort adding expert information from places like Wikipedia and from its own sources like Zagat. But that isn’t social data, and while there has been plenty of debate about the ultimate value of social recommendations, there’s no question that Facebook has a far better grasp of that than Google. And unless Facebook and Twitter choose to change their blockade of the search engine, it is likely to stay that way.
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it's not you, it's me: only 2% share on FB |

this info is from back in february, but there's no reason to think things have improved. I would say take comfort, but it's not very comforting.

Have you looked at the “virality rate” statistic in your page insights — the percentage of fans who reshare a page’s posts and wondered why the percentage looked so low?

Take heart: 61 percent of page have a virality rate of 2.5 percent or less, according to EdgeRank Checker.

The median rate came out to 1.9 percent.

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Hey, Doubters: Pinterest Really Does Boost Business | MarketingProfs (or does it)

another adoring paean to pinterest, this time with a video. ok, pinterest is the fastest growing service ever. ok, it drives more traffic than anything except facebook and stumbleupon (who? yes, it's still number 2). from the marketingprofs piece:

So, does all the data show that Pinterest, that red-hot online pin board, is worth your time, energy, and effort? Can folks who don’t give a pin about about making their own panna cotta or holiday buntings still use Pinterest for their business?

Yes. And, most definitely, yes!


that's great, but..I am still waiting to hear a better breakdown of who's receiving all these referrals to verify the value for business outside the fashion, decor and similarly visual sectors. I saw an article on oreck's pinboards, and some appear to be attracting followers and some engagement.

but I am looking for a case study on a non-intuitive brand that is generating conversions from pinterest activity and showing superior ROI to other social activity. I'm no purist - conversion doesn't have to be pinterest-referred sales. rather, it could be something like driving to interact on FB (not just another Like) or sign up for coupons or news. 

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Building Nonprofit Boards with LinkedIn | Beth’s Blog

great tip on a new linkedin service to help tap your board's network on beth kanter's blog. and it's free!

Using Board Connect on LinkedIn allows you see past first connections on LinkedIn, check out a potential candidate’s knowledge and their connections. It streamlines the process. But, if all board members add their networks, this produces a richer set of potential candidates. And, remember,  you are not just adding a board member, you are also adding their network.

As part of the board connect program, nonprofits get free access to a Talent Finder account (valued at $1000/annually), an exclusive LinkedIn education webcast (with tools and tips to use the account), and membership to the Board Connect Group on LinkedIn.

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Trove: Best Facebook Search Around and Coming to Others | Search Engine Land

gushing review from search engine land of a new search engine for facebook that will be available this week. I'm not a huge facebook searcher, but I see this as having a big effect in commercial use - competitive research, copyright enforcement etc. and apparently it will be available for services like Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram....

It’s no secret that Facebook’s existing search engine is bad; that drum has been beaten to death. But you don’t have to wait for Facebook to make it better; there’s a pretty darn good Facebook search engine out there now.

It’s called Trove, and it’s officially launching on Tuesday. But you can connect your Facebook account and get started now; the site had a soft launch about two weeks ago. I’ve been testing it, and it’s easily the best Facebook search experience I’ve seen. There are a few missing features that I’ll mention below, but Trove’s potential is obvious.

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