Twitter Inventor Invests in Foursquare

Dorsey’s investment with Foursquare is personal and not on behalf of Twitter, but his involvement with both companies might raise some questions as Twitter enters the geolocation arena themselves with the upcoming launch of their location APIs.

seems like foursquare is getting pretty darn close to some kind of tipping point...

How Sharing Links Has Become Big Business -

Your parents probably told you that sharing was simply the right thing to do. But on the Web today, inducing people to share links has become big business, all about driving traffic back to a site and increasing ad revenue. Young companies like AddThis (owned by Clearspring Technologies) and ShareThis are the giants of this particular corner of the Web, syndicating their catalog of sharing buttons — at no charge — to major Web sites, and developing ways to make money by selling data about who is sharing, and how much, back to Web publishers and their advertisers.

share and share alike

7 Ways To Own Your Google 10 | Small Business Trends

It’s becoming more and more important for small business owners to “own” their Google results. In a world where you are what Google says you are, when someone searches for your name they need to be able to find you. The real you. Not a lookalike, another company with the same name or that social profile you thought you had taken care of it. Business owners must protect their brand, and sometimes that means doing just a touch of proactive online reputation management to secure your Google 10.

Your Google 10 is the top ten results that appear when someone does a Google search for your name. How do you go about ensuring you own all ten spots? Surprisingly, it’s not that hard. Here are some of the sites and profiles you’ll want to grab and pay attention to.

great ideas for small businesses! to see the article, please click on the smallbiztrends link above

Dairy Queen Launched Blog With A Sweet Deal For Readers | Pierson Grant News

[MARCH 2009] MINNEAPOLIS – It’s a typical sight at local Dairy Queen® locations where people are sharing smiles and stories over delicious food and cravable treats. For nearly 70 years, the all-American favorite and treat category leader has been a trendsetter, such as with the often imitated but never duplicated signature Blizzard® Treat. Now, after more than 200,000 mentions of the brand in the blogosphere, the DQ® system is joining the conversation by initiating the official Dairy Queen blog, which makes sense for a brand that is social by nature.


To kick off the blog, Dairy Queen offered bloggers a deal they couldn’t refuse. The first 250 bloggers who answered the question “What deal would you make with us to try our new Sweet Deals value menu?” received a Sweet Deals gift card. The most creative answer won Sweet Deals every week for a year. Sweet Deals offers more than 20,000 combinations of food, beverages and treats at value prices where the more you eat, the more you save.

dq recognized that getting attention from other bloggers was the fastest way to gain traction for their own blog...part of an effective, grass-rootsy SM presence

Chris Brogan Blog: 5 Things Small Business Owners Should Do Today Online

I write quite often from the perspective of larger company social media and business communications. That’s because most of my clients are large companies. However, these social tools allow a small business owner a lot in the way of advantages, and I want to put together a little map of steps I might take if I were running a small business and wanted more sales.

as chris notes here, most of his clients are larger firms. these are great suggestions for small businesses who want to get the benefits of the new social media tools without investing a boatload of cash (or time).

re landing pages >> MarketingProfs Articles : Think of It as Home Improvement

  • Welcoming landing pages "make friendly introductions that lead to comfortable conversations."
  • Diverse landing pages lead visitors "to the spaces that most closely align with their intent."
  • Focused landing pages match your visitor's intent more closely with your site content, thus boosting "the alignment of your goals and theirs." And that, Talerico concludes, is the very definition of "conversion."
  • literally the missing link in too many social media strategies

    MarketingProfs: "a la carte relationship management"

    Brands, too, can take advantage of Facebook's knack for spoon-feeding relationships into users' laps. If you're into e-commerce, or have a site that invites users to engage with it in some way (such as YouTube), registering for free with Facebook Connect means friends can see what users are buying, uploading or otherwise doing on your site.

    this level of information sharing is what burned facebook a few years ago, but the concept is dead on. handled correctly, the ability to show _prospective_ buyers/clients the names and ideally testimonials of friends and/or business associates is an incredibly powerful sales incentive